A Lady Parachutist

The Strange Disappearance of a Lady Parachutist created by Hannah McPake

In October 2012 we spent a week, funded by the Arts council of Wales and Theatr Iolo developing ideas for our new show.

In Cardiff 1896 and a young girl leaps from a hot air balloon high in the Cardiff skies, in 1896 two 11 year old boys find a long lost grave and with the help of an intrepid local news reporter hurtle headlong down a rabbit hole to uncover the mystery of what happened to the mysterious Lady Parachutist and discover their own balloon journey. Based on a real piece of Cardiff history, this new show aims to bring the past back to life in a spectacular, chaotic mix of live film, music and drama.



The Parachute Team:
Carys Beard
Roger Graham
Hannah McPake
Katy Owen
Lucy Rivers
Adele Thomas
Oliver Wood


Photos by Kirsten McTernan.